Araby-Farm X-More AS1427557
05 89 VVE 


Albanhaus Marsha 5*M VG88


S : *B Araby-Farm SK Magnum                          SS : ++*B SG Willow Run V.Q. Scorpion King
       05-03 EX91 EEE                                              SD : SGCH Albanhaus Marlene  EX90


D : Albanhaus Marsha 5*M                                  DS : SGCH +*B Willow Run Braveheart Kahuna EX90
     04-04 VG 88AEEE                                             DD : SGCH Albanhaus Maura 4*M EX90




 Araby Farm CCA Hot Shot AS1568448


Araby-Farm SKM Harmonee  EX90

S : *B Companeros Clinton Admiral                    SS : +*B Old-English Clinton
        03-04 89 VVE                                                   SD : SGCH Companeros Atlas Accalia 6*M EX93

D : Araby-Farm SKM Harmonee                          DS : *B Araby-Farm SK Magnum
        04-02 90 VEEE                                                 DD : GCH Araby-Farm Hannah 3*M EX90



California Sensei Kilimanjaro AS1598108


S : *B Companeros Katsuo Sensei                        SS : +*B SG White-Wave Prime Katsuo 
                                                                                  SD : SG Companeros Stand Out Starlet 6*M VG89


D : California Elander Kilim                                 DS : Des-Ruhigestelle Elander 
                                                                                   DD : SGCH California Denali Kiraz 7*M EX91


Kilimanjaro tested for the Alpha S1 Casein allele and he is a B/E.  There are only two live bucks known to carry the B allele.