Dave & Robin Saum

4675 Hamburg Rd

Lancaster, OH 43130


     Welcome to Snowflake Saanens and thank you for visiting our website.  We are located in Lancaster, Ohio which is about 30 miles southeast of Columbus, Ohio. We raise all of our kids on a CAE prevention program.  We are present for the birth of all of our kids, the kids are removed immediately and fed pasteurized, CAE free milk. Over the years we have done one-day milk tests for our does.  This past year we have been fortunate enough to find a milk tester that lives close by and have moved to the DHI standard milk test.  All of our does attained their star status this year.  Even all of the first fresheners. We have always participated in Linear Appraisal.  In years past we have only appraised every-other-year.  In recent years, we have appraised every year.  We find it to be a helpful tool in our breeding program.