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SG Snowflake Tristan's Polly 2*M AS1484252

 3-03 VEVE 89

Top Ten Doe with lactation of

2-09 305 4290 109 114

#4 in milk and #6 for protein production

3-09 255 4123 107 111


S: *B Companeros Tristan                                            SS: +*B Willow Run Atlas Teaque   

                                                                                        SD: SGCH Companeros Stand Out Primrose 7*M EX91 


D: Snowflake Joshua Penelope *M                              DS: +B Kids-A-Lot IM Joshua 2006 Premier Sire

LA 89 EEE+                                                                   DD: SGCH The Snowflake Little Hawke  EX90


Polly was 9th place 4 Year Old at the 2013 ADGA National Show and was awarded the Highest Saanen Production at that show.




Snowflake Martha Maria I 3*M    AS1594857

2-03 VG88 VV+E

1-02 216 2210 54 58

2-01 228 3440 68 92


S: Araby-Farm X-More                                          SS: *B Araby-Farm SK Magnum  
    LA89  VVE                                                           SD: Albanhaus Marsha 5*M   VG88


D: Snowflake Maggie May 2*M                              DS: *B McQuitty-Farm Effective
   LA EX90 EVEV                                                     DD: Snowflake Joshua Penelope *M VG89


Martha was 4th place milking yearling at the 2013 ADGA National Show. 



Snowflake Kilimanjaro Pearl AS1632678

1-02 VG87 VV+V

1-01 178 1693 40 51


S: California Sensei Kilimanjaro                              SS: *B CompanerosKatsuo Sensei

                                                                                      SD: California Elander Kilim


D: SG Snowflake Tristan’s Polly 2*M                     DS: The Snowflake King Tut LA88
   LA 89VEVE                                                             DD: SGCH The Snowflake Little Hawke  EX90


Pearl is going to be large doe like her mother, Snowflake Tristan’s Polly who is twice a top ten doe. Pearl has inherited her mother’s ability to milk. On 5 milk tests she has averaged over 10 lbs per milking and is still in milk.  She was the first place intermediate kid at the 2013 National Show and was the 10 place milking yearling at the 2014 National Show. Pearl was only shown once this year, other than the National Show. She was the first place milking yearling and Reserve Grand Champion of 18 shown in the breed.  We are very excited about Pearl’s future.  



Snowflake Kilimanjaro Maribel AS1632679

1-02 85 EV++

1-01 175 2180 45 61



S: California Sensei Kilimanjaro                              SS: *B CompanerosKatsuo Sensei

                                                                                      SD: California Elander Kilim


D: Snowflake Maggie May                                        DS: *B McQuitty-Farm Effective
   LA 90 EVEV                                                             DD: Snowflake Joshua Penelope *M VG89


Maribel is the daughter of Snowflake Maggie May.  Maggie was a beautiful general appearance doe.  She was shown many times as a dry doe and won first place and grand champion every time she was shown.  Maggie had a final score of 90 with an Excellent in General Appearance.  Maribel is a large doe with good bone just like her mother.  Maribel was the 2nd place intermediate kid at the 2013 ADGA National Show.